Colorado State landed a new JUCO commit in Jordan Brangers, who will join CSU Men’s basketball for one year starting in 2018. We talk about Brangers and a source gives us the inside scoop on him.

Then, we look at Colorado State football, both the highs and lows. It’s mostly all highs for Michael Gallup, who’s not only part of Pro Football Focus’ National Team of the Week — yet again — he’s also being projected in the first round of their mock draft.

How does Gallup compare to Rashard Higgins at CSU and how will their NFL careers differ? We take some educated guesses on that.

Then, onto Nick Stevens, who struggled against Air Force. What Nick has to do to help his team win and how they’re affected by his interceptions.

Finally, we get into some fiery quotes from Mike Bobo on the loss to Air Force, as well as a personal story about Jim McElwain.

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Column: Mike Bobo falls to 2-6 in rivalry games.

Here’s the tweet highlight tape of Brangers we mention in the podcast: