With so much happening inside Colorado State Athletics, specifically within the men’s basketball program and concerning Larry Eustachy, many questions remained unanswered. That’s because, after the month-long climate assessment of Eustachy’s program, those findings were not released due to an amended employment agreement which allowed Eustachy to resign from the team and be paid $750,000.

Parker called that amount a “discount,” and considering the $3 million Eustachy would have been owed for being fired without cause, it was just that, a discount. And now, Colorado State can move on.

But, during that round-table discussion with 10 media members, there were many questions about the assessment, about Eustachy himself, about what was found and much, much more. The second half of the podcast focuses in on that roundtable with Parker, which also concludes with what he’s looking for in the next men’s basketball head coach.

The first half of this Rams Cast looks at the team themselves, who lost their season finale against New Mexico in blowout fashion. The men’s team is in the middle of a week off before playing in the Mountain West Tournament, starting Wednesday afternoon, against either UNLV or Utah State.

All that and more in this version of your CSU Rams Cast.

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