Can Niko Medved dunk?

It seems unlikely, as a 5’11” dude, but his introductory press conference was a slam dunk on Friday morning.

In front of 100-150 Rams fans and about 10 media members — as well as Athletic Director and boss Joe Parker — Medved gave his first press conference as the head coach of CSU men’s basketball on Friday. What Medved had to say made it seem like he was the perfect hire for Colorado State.

Simply, he’ll be a 180 compared to the last coaching regime, in many ways. That goes for how he recruits, what he’ll do in the community and even how his team will play on Moby’s hardwood. Speaking of Moby Arena, Medved said walking through the arena today it brought back memories of that historic 2012-13 season, arguably the greatest in CSU men’s basketball history.

Medved has seen this program at the highest of highs and lowest of lows; he’s in position to pull it out of this nose dive and likely in a hurry.

We hear a lot from Medved in this podcast, as well as quotes from Daniel Bejarano, Anthony Bonner and Nico Carvacho on his contacting other teams.

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