Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,
May you enjoy turkey, stuffing and a Coors.
Because even if the football teams are terrible,
There are many people to be thankful.

Phillip Lindsay tops the list,
The Denver native with great speed and better quicks.
He certainly plays with a chip on his shoulder,
We won’t hold it against him he went to school in Boulder.

Much love to Jokic and the Nuggs,
They started hot, woke everyone up.
Brought good hoops back to The Can,
Reminded us what it means to be a fan.

The Avs are young too,
With a ton of skill.
Here’s to that three-headed monster,
May they bring us more thrills.

Back-to-back postseasons for the Rox,
Exciting from the bleachers or the press box.
Arenado, Story, Blackmon oh my!
Can someone please find a bullpen guy?!

College football this season has been tough,
For the Rams, Falcons and even the Buffs.
But Viska and Presto sure have brought excitement,
They’ll excel in the NFL, that’s an understatement.

And college hoops have returned,
The young teams will work to get learned.
In a week the Rams and Buffs go head-to-head,
The first matchup of Boyle and Medved.

Back to the Broncos, who’ve been mostly bad,
Winning is a tradition, it’s not just a fad.
Leadership starts at the top,
If they can’t find it, they’ll continue to flop.

But on defense we see two all-time greats,
Miller and Harris one day we’ll decorate.
Two Ring of Famers, no doubt,
One day we’ll drive them to Canton, we know the route.

So today, while you’re eating turkey and pie,
Hug your mom and look her in the eye,
Say thanks for the grub and thanks we’re alive,
Remember, we’re pretty lucky here in the Mile High.