The “tampering period” begins tomorrow in the NFL and then free agency is set to officially begin on Wednesday.

The news is sure to be flying rapidly with every team across the league, so what should you expect from the Broncos in this time of panic? Let’s take a look.

1. Which of their own free agents should the Broncos make sure to bring back (outside of Justin Simmons)?

Ronnie Kohrt (@RonnieKRadio): Outside of Justin Simmons, I believe Connor McGovern is a major piece not discussed enough only because he’s an offensive lineman. It’s a bit pricy and it’s not a sexy return, but the value the Broncos get back is big.

An already eroded offensive line can’t continue to lose some of the bright spots and that’s what would happen if McGovern leaves Denver. If McGovern were to depart, now you’re stuck with two offensive tackles that are big question marks and two more positions after that unknown with the knowledge that you already have to replace Ron Leary and that the hole left by McGovern would have to leave.

Aniello Piro (@MediaByAP): I would love to see the Broncos bring back Derek Wolfe. He has been an essential component to the Broncos team for the last few seasons and is a great leader within the locker room. Wolfe knows what it is like to win, and I think he can help the Broncos get back to the top of the league via his skill set and impact off the field.

Zach Segars (@Zach_Segars): I wish the Broncos would re-sign Shelby Harris, as opposed to letting him walk. He has been their best defensive linemen the past two seasons, and he has single-handedly won them games. Plus, they’re already losing the rest of the defensive line to free agency, so it’d be smart to hold on to whatever pieces of that group they can.

Rich Kurtzman (@RichKurtzman): I agree with Zach; the most important free agent is Shelby Harris for multiple reasons, but he’ll likely not be back. Harris led the league in batted balls at the line the last two years, he picked off Ben Roethlisberger in the end zone to secure a win in 2018; he does it all. And on top of that, the Broncos will allow Adam Gotsis to walk and Wolfe seems like he’s gone, too. Denver can try to replace Harris with D.J. Reader but Harris is a unique talent.

2. What is the biggest hole on the Broncos’ roster?

Ronnie Kohrt: It’s appearing like defensive line is the biggest hole on the roster. The Broncos could see just about every start walking defensive lineman walking away so the entire line will need to be rebuild. This calls for a major overhaul in both free agency and the draft.

Aniello Piro: I think it is still the offensive line. With Garret Bolles‘ future in limbo and Ron Leary on his way out, the Broncos offensive line requires an upgrade. Dalton Risner was great last season, but he will need some help if the Broncos want to be able to protect Drew Lock.

Zach Segars: The wide receiver position is the biggest hole on the roster in my opinion. While both lines are in flux, you at least feel like you have players that are ready to step up and start. At receiver, there is next to no confidence in Tim Patrick or DaeSean Hamilton being the No. 2 wide receiver of the future.

Rich Kurtzman: If all four guys have different positions as the biggest hole on the roster, what does it say about Denver’s current state? I’d say middle linebacker is still a huge hole going forward. Sure, Todd Davis impressed this year and so did Alexander Johnson, but how long will Davis continue his decent play? And, was Johnson’s superb second half of the season just a fluke? Finally, who will line up next to them; Josey Jewell? Denver needs play-making linebackers and Johnson may be the only one of the bunch who is qualified to do so.

3. Which free agent is atop your wishlist?

Ronnie Kohrt: Outside of the ones on the Broncos roster now, I would love to see Denver acquire several mid-level players with their money in free agency, and then swing for the home run in the draft.

This means the Robby Anderson‘s of the world and not the Amari Cooper‘s. The Kenyan Drake‘s of the world and not the Melvin Gordon‘s. The Prince Amukamara‘s and not the Bryon Joneses.

Aniello Piro: I would love to see the Broncos add a top-tier wide receiver like Cooper. The Broncos will rely on Lock to push them forward on offense, and adding someone like Cooper would help a lot there.

Additionally, the Broncos desperately need to add a second receiver alongside Courtland Sutton, and by signing a receiver like Cooper, they could focus on other areas of need in the draft while getting an elite receiver immediately.

Zach Segars: Although receiver is arguably the bigger need, Joe Thuney is atop my free-agent wishlist. This draft is beyond loaded at wide receiver, so there’s no need to pay one big in free agency, which means Denver should focus on the line.

Specifically by adding one of the best, most reliable guards in the league in Thuney.

Rich Kurtzman: How about Prince Amukamara? The Broncos are in the middle of transforming their defensive backfield and they need one more piece, a starting cornerback. That’s where Amukamara comes in. He’s played under Vic Fangio and defensive coordinator Ed Donatell in Chicago, meaning he’s also played alongside Bryce Callahan. After trading for A.J. Bouye and franchise tagging Justin Simmons, the Broncos will also have Kareem Jackson at safety and Callahan in the slot. Adding Amukamara would give Denver one of the best secondaries in the NFL and will allow Von Miller and Bradley Chubb to get after opposing quarterbacks with ease.

4. What do the Broncos have to accomplish in free agency for you to deem it a success?

Ronnie Kohrt: As simple as it sounds, fill holes and get better as a team. Denver’s got a lot of momentum building. Continue to lean on the growth of a lot of talent on offense and bulk up the defense to make this team a winner in 2020.

Aniello Piro: I think you need to see the team fill out the roster. There are a few different areas that Denver needs to address, so by adding more lineman, a second running back, receiver, and more, they will be able to improve their roster across the board.

I don’t expect the Broncos to make any significant moves between now and the start of the season, but they will probably add some role players via free agency and the draft. The Broncos have a solid core, they just need to add some support around it.

Zach Segars: They need to buy themselves some flexibility by spreading the money around across their needs. We shouldn’t be heading into the draft saying, “The Broncos have to target the offensive line at 15 and maybe even trade up because they didn’t spend money in the trenches during free agency.”

If we’re saying that about the offensive line or any other position group after free agency, they didn’t do enough for it to be a success.

Rich Kurtzman: The Broncos have to first, address their own free agents. We’ve seen news on a few fronts — they are picking up Todd Davis’ option, and Brandon McManus’, they franchise tagged Simmons and are letting a few others like Leary walk — but there are a lot of big decisions to be made there first. Then, they have a lot of work to do in terms of finding a mix of stars and role players. Amukamara would be a star cornerback, meaning they could find a role-player linebacker likely. Bringing back McGovern would help because they would only have one void on the line, at guard, which Elijah Wilkinson may end up filling. If they can find a role player at guard, bully!

Without a doubt, Denver has a lot of work to do in free agency. And luckily, they have a ton of money to likely sign both some stars and some role players. Get ready, because it could be a wild ride starting March 18 (or it may be delayed), so stay tuned.