The Denver Broncos are coming off a much-needed win against the Washington Football Team last week. However, the Broncos are in flux following the trade deadline deal of Von Miller. Now the orange and blue head into the Lone Star State to wrangle with the 6-1 Dallas Cowboys.

How does the MHS Broncos team feel about Miller being traded in a deal with the Los Angeles Rams? Should other players have been sent packing? Will the Broncos surprise the NFL or is another predictable loss on the horizon? And how can this team get a win on Sunday?

Another week and another discussion from the Mile High Sports Broncos team.

Where is your hope meter after last Sunday’s win against the WFT (1 being little faith and 10 being supremely confident)?

Zach Segars (@Zach_Segars): If we’re talking about hope this team competing for a playoff spot this year, it’s at a solid 2, up from maybe a 1 last week. I wasn’t sure they’d ever win a game again this season, so squeaking out a win was nice and provides a pinch of hope.

Rich Kurtzman (@RichKurtzman): Hope meter is at a 3. If they find a way to beat Dallas, it will skyrocket to a 7 or 8, but that seems unlikely.

Lindsay Bebout (@lindsaybebout): 3. At least we know we can beat the really, really bad teams!

JT Matthews (@JTMatthews01): My level of hope is at a 5. I have hope that the defensive unit can be dominant and still keep Denver in games but that offense had been really bad. They will have to learn to score more than two touchdowns a game if they want to keep that positive momentum going.

Nicholas Manning (@Dr_NManning): I am hanging around a 4. If the team wins Sunday maybe we move up to a 5. I think this team is talented but the limits at head coach, offensive coordinator and quarterback keep me from holding too much hope.

Joey Richards (@JRDrafts): About a 5. While the Broncos technically are in the playoff hunt, it’s tough to be overly confident after their long losing streak before the win against Washington.

Now that you have processed the Broncos trade of Von Miller, how do you feel about it?

Nicholas Manning: I think the Broncos made a smart business decision. The return for Miller in a second and third-round pick was great and Paton should be applauded for it. Personally, it is tough to see an organizational icon leave on the heels of losing seasons on losing seasons.

Rich Kurtzman: It’s good for Von, but man it hurts. The best defensive player in Broncos history and it shows this current team isn’t likely to compete this year.

Lindsay Bebout: I am dead inside. All I can do right now is put on a brave face.

Joey Richards: I don’t think trading Von Miller has processed yet, to be honest. Miller was one of those players everybody would have loved to see play his entire career in Denver. On the bright side, I am very happy with the team they ended up trading him to and think he has a shot at his second ring.

JT Matthews: As a fan, the loss is still an emotional one but as I said on the Orange and Brew podcast it was a savvy business deal. Draft picks are currency in the NFL and everyone wants them. Not everyone can use an aging edge rusher, no matter his resume. It was smart to get the most a team can while the getting is good, and that’s exactly what George Paton did.

Zach Segars: If the team felt confident they wouldn’t be able to re-sign Miller in the offseason, it’s a very logical move. It also demonstrates the organization knows it isn’t a contender eight weeks in, which means much of the offseason plans failed.

What other Broncos’ player should have been moved at the deadline?

Zach Segars: All the ones that aren’t going to be re-signed. It made sense to not trade some expiring players if the Broncos want to try and contend next season, but Kyle Fuller and Melvin Gordon won’t be back, and Denver should have recouped some value.

Rich Kurtzman: I was surprised Kyle Fuller or Kareem Jackson weren’t moved at the deadline. But, I’m giving George Paton the benefit of the doubt and time to build his team.

Nicholas Manning: Maybe guys like Kareem Jackson or Melvin Gordon to give a young guy behind them more work. However, I doubt anyone would want to use up wear and tear on your young back in a season that seems destined to go nowhere. Jackson seemed more likely because of the presence of Caden Sterns.

Joey Richards: I was shocked Kyle Fuller didn’t get moved this week. With Michael Ojemudia returning soon and a healthy defensive back room in the place, Fuller isn’t offering the Broncos much. It is possible no team was willing to trade for him after his disappointing play.

JT Matthews: With the Von Miller trade it seemed like the door was open for several veterans on expiring contracts to be dealt.  Though it would have been a mistake, Tim Patrick was one suck player that I wouldn’t have been surprised to see go. He has been consistently very good and has WR2 upside on most teams. I am glad he remained in orange and blue.

Lindsay Bebout: Based on the multitude of the Miller trade, it seems like everyone was fair game! I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Kareem Jackson or Noah Fant go.

Who do you believe is the new face of the franchise with Miller in LA?

Lindsay Bebout: Well this is a very depressing question. My friend who’s a Rams fan told me it’s Vic Fangio since he’s had the biggest impact (negative impact) on the team, but he was just being cruel. If I’m being completely honest, we don’t have one.

Nicholas Manning: Hands down Justin Simmons. He is an example for players and nonplayers alike. That said, the Broncos need a quarterback to take that mantel. Whatever they do this offseason, the signal-caller must be “that guy” in 2022.

Joey Richards: Justin Simmons is pretty clearly the face of the franchise at the moment. He’s not only a fantastic player but a great member of the community.

JT Matthews: Justin Simmons has been positioning himself for this role for over a year now, and now is his time to take control of this locker room and give it an infusion of passion and urgency. As the most highly decorated defensive player, he has earned that opportunity and I expect he will seize it with grace and professionalism.

Zach Segars: Justin Simmons no-brainer. He also has the character and talent to be the face of the franchise for a long time. The problem is that he’s also the ‘franchise player’ at this point and barring extreme exceptions, it’s non-ideal for a safety to be your franchise player.

Rich Kurtzman: Probably Justin Simmons, which is a solid choice. He’s a great young man in the community and a solid football player.

How do the Broncos get a win against the 6-1 Cowboys?

Rich Kurtzman: They need to dominate up front, which will be extremely difficult to do considering Denver’s weak point is the offensive line. Teddy can’t get hit too often and needs time to process and throw.

Lindsay Bebout: If Dak Prescott announces he’s retiring before the game, Ezekiel Elliot has to get his leg amputated, and Micah Parsons gets food poisoning.

Zach Segars: Pray Cooper Rush plays? The Cowboys have the better offense, special teams, and shockingly, probably the better defense as well. It’s incredibly difficult to see a path to victory.
Nicholas Manning: Play better on first down offensively. If they can keep themselves ahead of the chains, this team can capture their winning formula from Week 1 to Week 3. If this team has multiple 3-and-out possessions early, look for Dallas to run away with the game.

Joey Richards: The Broncos’ defense has to play up to the expectations fans set on them this offseason. If the Broncos’ defense plays like a top-three unit, they have a shot against anybody.

JT Matthews: I say it week after week but Teddy Bridgewater has to make more of his opportunities. I acknowledge that he may be limited due to the game plan and play-calling, but he has multiple chances a game to do more with the weapons available to him. Go take control of this offense and be efficient on the Cowboys’ side of the field. You can’t beat Dallas throwing for 200 yards and 1 touchdown. It just won’t happen.

What is your final score prediction this week and why?

Joey Richards: 28-17 is my final score prediction with the Cowboys coming out on top. At the end of the day, they’re a great team and may overmatch the Broncos.

JT Matthews: I am predicting a 31- 17 loss for Denver. I would love to see Denver come out and make a statement against one of the most successful teams this season in the Cowboys, but I have minimal confidence in this offense as it is being called. Our defense can only shoulder the load for so long before they start to deteriorate due to fatigue. Generating turnovers will be key to keeping this game close.

Rich Kurtzman: Dallas 31 – Denver 13. The Broncos are broken and this loss will continue to send them towards the bottom half of the AFC.

Lindsay Bebout: 31-17 and I think we’re going to get played around like a fiddle.

Nicholas Manning: I do not know why I feel good about this game, but I do. I think the Cowboys are looking past Denver and after the loss of its most popular player. Dak will be a bit rusty and the Broncos surprise the Cowboys 24-23 after a game-winning field goal by Brandon McManus.

Zach Segars: 31-20 Cowboys win. As mentioned above, they’re a greatly superior team. The Broncos do have a knack for making games closer than they should be though, so they’ll avoid embarrassment.