During this time of the year, everyone has predictions for the upcoming NFL season, and here are mine:

The Denver Broncos will win their sixth consecutive AFC West title. Denver will get to 11 wins and their losses will come against the Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints, Jacksonville Jaguars, New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs.

The rest of the AFC West will look exactly like it did a season ago with Kansas City runners-up, followed by the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers.

In the AFC East, New England should have no problem winning another division title. The Buffalo Bills will be a distant second, followed closely by the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins.

The AFC North will be a beast. The Pittsburgh Steelers will have enough offense to win the division. The Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals each have ten wins, while the Cleveland Browns finish a distant last.

The AFC South will be tight. I believe in what the Houston Texans are doing and they are my division champ. The Indianapolis Colts are runners-up, while the Jaguars edge the Tennessee Titans for third.

Over in the NFC, the Washington Redskins will win another weak NFC East. They will be followed Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles.

The Green Bay Packers will take the NFC North. The Minnesota Vikings will have enough to finish second, even after the Teddy Bridgewater injury. The Detroit Lions will be a competitive third, while the Chicago Bears will struggle.

The Carolina Panthers will repeat as NFC North champs. The New Orleans Saints will edge out the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers for runners-up in the division.

I believe the Arizona Cardinals take the NFC West because they have perhaps the best roster in the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams will be a competitive second and third. The San Francisco 49ers will compete for the No. 1 draft pick.

In the NFC Wild Card, No. 3 Carolina will beat No. 6 Minnesota and No. 5 Seattle will blowout No. 4 Washington.

Over in the AFC Wild Card, No. 3 Denver beats No. 6 Cincinnati and No. 5 Baltimore beats No. 4 Houston.

The NFC Divisional will see No. 1 Green Bay edge No. 5 Seattle and No. 2 Arizona win a rematch against No. 3 Carolina

The AFC Divisional will have No. 5 Baltimore upset No. 1 New England and No. 2 Pittsburgh beat No. 3 Denver.

No. 5 Baltimore beats No. 2 Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship, while No. 1 Green Bay wins a classic against No. 2 Arizona.

And, Super Bowl XXXXXI goes to Green Bay 30-24

Hey, it is just a prediction.

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