When the San Francisco 49ers hired Kyle Shanahan as their head coach, he became the second generation of Shanahan’s to hold the position. On Tuesday, his father Mike Shanahan joined Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro during the Afternoon Drive on Mile High Sports Radio.

“[I’m] very proud, and now his work really gets started,” Shanahan said. “They’ve got a lot of work to do, after a two-win season, getting the culture right and kind of getting started, but I know he’s looking forward to the challenge.”

If anybody knows the work that lies ahead for Kyle Shanahan, it’s Mike. Still, despite speculation to the contrary, the elder Shanahan is not planning on joining the 49ers in any official capacity.

“No, I’m not going to consult,” he said. :Obviously, you always talk to your son about football. I’ve been doing that over the last 20 years; but it’s something that he’s earned the right to do…and I know he’s excited about the opportunity.”

That opportunity almost came with the Denver Broncos. Though they did not hire his son, Shanahan holds no ill-will towards the Broncos for that decision, thinking it may actually be for the best.

“To be honest with you, that’s one of those things that worked out,” he said. “I don’t think Kyle should follow in my footsteps. It’s a great opportunity for him to go somewhere else. Anytime you’re in a town for 21 years as a coach, that’s a lot of years; and I think sometimes it might be best to go in a different direction.”

According to Mike, Kyle felt he had a great interview with the Broncos. Still, they decided to go in a different direction, instead hiring Vance Joseph. Despite the fact he beat out his son for a job, Shanahan has no ill-will towards the Broncos coach.

“I’ve nothing but great things about Vance Joseph, so I’m wishing him the best.”

Perhaps what prevented Kyle from getting the job was his unwillingness to go to Elway’s with the team’s contingent, as it is a rival steakhouse to his father’s Shanahan’s.

“We [Shanahan and John Elway] have had fun with that,” Mike Shanahan said. “Heck, I go to his restaurant, he comes over to mine.”

Listen to the entire interview with Mike Shanahan, including how he was able to have success against Bill Belichick, in the podcast below.

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