Quick hits: Worst quote, LVPs and worst-of-the-worst in the Broncos loss

Worst Quotes

Head coach Gary Kubiak on the loss:

“I think we had [224] yards at halftime. I think they had negative yardage, and you’re up 12-to-nothing. We had a chance to really do some damage in the first half, didn’t do it and then obviously helped them in the second half with two turnovers, I think four or five drops and we lost the line of scrimmage offensively, in my opinion. We played great defense and just didn’t ever finish the football game offensively or put ourselves in a position to finish them.”

Chris Harris Jr on the frustrating loss:

“I’m hot. We were not supposed to lose that game. We played terrible in the second half, gave them the ball every time. So we’ve just got to be smarter. We can’t beat ourselves. This is going to be a tough team to beat if we don’t beat ourselves,” he said. “Defensive wise, we played great. I don’t know how many yards they had, we shut them down. The only thing we didn’t do today was get turnovers, so I’m just going to worry about our defense, what we can do to continue to get better and the only thing we can do to get better is try to force turnovers.”

Owen Daniels on red zone problems:

“It is frustrating because all other areas of the field it seems we are pretty good. I don’t know if we need to execute better, call different plays, I have no idea what it really is.”