Welcome to August and welcome to fall camp, Rams fans.

Your first CSU RamsCast of the season is hot and fresh off the presses, full of interviews from Tuesday’s first day of full pads. Mike Bobo talks about not only being more positive this season with his players — and working more into that head coaching role — but also that he’s excited about all the new changes and possibilities of this team.

Bobo talks about special teams stepping up, the defensive line’s depth, and what he really likes in Jamal Hicks. We then talk to Richard “the lionhearted” King as well as Hicks himself, and bring you the highlights of their quotes as well. King talks about what his impressions of John Jancek are while Hicks discusses how tough it was last year to have to sit out, injured.

Then, we get to all the preseason rankings, All-MW picks (and snubs), kickoff times and so much more. Where does Canvas Stadium rank in terms of the best stadiums in the country? Popular Mechanics weighs in, and we check in on some Next Level Rams who are impressing everyone in their respective camps. Hint: They’re both remarkable receivers.

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