Through four and a half weeks, the Denver Broncos have been one of the best teams in the NFL, but a lot of that success has come in the second half, as the Broncos have been prone to slow starts.

Entering halftime against the Atlanta Falcons, the Broncos trailed 13-3 and looked out of sync on both offense and defense.

It all started on the first drive of the game, where Matt Ryan and the Falcons’ dynamic backfield drove 75 yards down the field for a touchdown.

On the whole, Denver actually did a very good job defending the league’s No. 1 passer and receiver, holding Ryan to a 68.8 quarterback rating and keeping Julio Jones off the scoreboard entirely.

On the ground, though, the Denver defense continued to get gashed, giving up 78 yards on 17 carries to Devontae Freeman and Tevin Coleman — the two combined for an additional five receptions for 87 yards through the air.

Offensively, the Broncos didn’t perform much better, totaling just 76 yards of total offense and five first downs through two quarters.

Whether it was overthrows from Paxton Lynch or failed third-and-shorts from C.J. Anderson and Devontae Booker, Denver couldn’t sustain drives, going three and out on half of their first-half drives.

As always, the problems started up front.

Denver has turned things around before. They’ve arguably been the best second-half team in football through the first month of the season, with their defense making adjustments and their offense settling into rhythm.

They’ll need to find a way to do the same today.