The first and second halves of the Denver Broncos matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs each ended with a fury Denver fans haven’t experienced since the Tim Tebow era.

After surrendering a late touchdown that left them just under 2:00 on the clock, Peyton Manning marched his team 80 yards for a game-tying touchdown. It was Manning in classic Manning mode, but Kansas City still had time left on the clock.

In a game that will go down as one of Andy Reid’s worst coaching performances ever, he opted for the safe play call, a run, to try and wind down the clock and force overtime. Then the Broncos defense, who had already forced four takeaways in the game, ripped the ball from Jamaal Charles’ hands for a second time and Bradley Roby scooped it up and carried it in to the end zone for a game-winning touchdown.

As they always do, the crew from Mile High Sports and the greater Denver media had their immediate reaction…