St. Patrick’s day weekend is underway, playing host to a perfect 6 Nations match between England and Ireland. Yet across the pond, the Glendale Raptors have the weekend off. Head coach Dave Williams joined Casey Light of Mile High Sports to discuss the season as whole, and their upcoming match against BYU.

“It’s beyond exciting,” said Williams. “Winning by the margins were winning by and how we’re performing on and off the pitch, I couldn’t be happier with the players at the moment.”

The Raptors are off to an impressive 5-0 start to the Major Rugby Championship season. With making plays all over the pitch, it’s hard to limit their success just to one thing.

“It’s our physicality and our accuracy. I think really, that is our big standout,” said Williams. “Nobody is putting a [large] number of points up on us, and that is great to see as well because I think the defense shows the culture of the team, and how much they want to work for each other. That stands out with our victories so far this year.”

The Raptors are set to head west to Utah next weekend, where they will face the BYU club team, whom they have already beaten this season.

“They’ll be vastly improved. They’ll have the crowd on their side; it’ll be a home game for them. They are very strong; they just beat St. Mary’s, which is a rival of theirs,” said Williams. “They’ll take the defeat from us pretty harshly, and will want to rebound and make it right, and make sure they get a victory, which we obviously won’t let happen. “

Listen to the full interview with Dave Williams, including his thoughts on what the Raptors can improve upon, in the podcast below.

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Feature Image: Glendale Raptors/Website