In the wake of Ty Lawson’s two suspicion of DUI arrests in 2015, Denver Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly issued statements about each incident, per the norm for professional sports franchises who find themselves in circumstances such as this.

But with two similar arrests within six months, not to mention the litany of other PR flubs and thumb-to-the-nose moments Lawson has exercised within the past year, the tone expressed by the Nuggets GM was subtly, but noticeably different from the first statement to the second.

The difference between them could be an indicator of precisely how the Nuggets feel about their 2009 number one draft pick.

The first incident, which happened Jan. 23, was followed by this statement from Connelly:

“We have been made aware of an incident involving Ty Lawson early this morning. Per team policy and out of respect for the legal process, we will have no further comment at this time.”

The second incident, on July 14, elicited this statement from the Nuggets GM:

“We have been notified of an incident involving Ty Lawson this morning in Los Angeles. We will not have further comment on the matter.”

On the surface, these statements seem nearly identical. However, there are two elements distinctly missing from the second statement: respect and time.

These could very well be the two things Lawson has run out of in the eyes of the Nuggets front office.

In saying the team “will not have further comment on the matter,” it appears the Nuggets are ready to close the door on Lawson, just like they’ve closed the door to commenting on the incident.