Patrick Roy is brutally honest. If there’s one thing you need to know about the Avalanche head coach, that’s it.

Over the last few weeks, Roy has been criticized for continuing to finding the light amidst a very gloomy season. But when he says that he likes where the defense is going or that the team is just one or two breaks away from being in a much better position, he means it.

And this morning, when Roy jumped on the Fan Morning Show to talk hockey, he explained why he remains so positive, and why he’s so frustrated with the fans and media that say he needs to be harsher on his players.

While there aren’t many people more honest than Roy, let’s breakdown what he had to saye in this version of Read Between the Lines:

On Being Too Positive

“I know that a lot of our fans are critical on me because I try to be to positive, and surely would like for me to be tougher on our players. But at the same time … I don’t feel like we’re that far. Unfortunately for us, every time there’s something different that gives up.”

This is exactly what we talked about yesterday. Not only are the Avalanche losing, but they seem lost. Sure, there’s something they’re doing well any one night, but there’s three other things they’re doing wrong. And the next night, when they improve on whatever it was they were doing wrong, they can no longer do what they did right the night before.

There’s no rhyme or reason to it, and I can understand why Roy remains positive; there are positives. But at the same time, if the Avs can never put a whole game together, in the end, there are no positives.