Read Between the Lines: The Avalanche face critical moment in young season

Erik Johnson on getting more shots on goal:

“You can always shoot more. It sounds simple and cliche, but your gonna score more the more pucks you put at the net. We have such good players in here that you for the perfect play a lot, and sometimes a good play is just putting it on the net and seeing what happens.”

Between Gabriel Landeskog, Nate MacKinnon, Matt Duchene and the rest of the offensive talent on the Avalanche’s roster, there’s no reason why Colorado should be 29th in the NHL for shots on goal.

A big part of the issue stems from the fact that the Avalanche continue to have a tough time keeping control of the puck, but, as Johnson says, it may also come down to the idea that there are just too many cooks in the kitchen.

While having four or five guys who can score from just about anywhere on the ice at any time seems like a huge advantage, it seems as if the Avalanche are allowing it stunt their aggression. Instead putting up a constant barrage of shots on goal, Colorado has been almost too unselfish, looking to find the perfect guy in the perfect spot with the perfect spot.

The problem, though, is that when you lose control of the puck before it gets to where you need it to go, that shot never gets up.