Colorado prospect Phillip Lindsay‘s life will change this weekend, as he awaits his name called in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Lindsay, who produced 4,859 yards from scrimmage in his collegiate career in the Pac-12 for Colorado is excited for his future, but adds the extra excitement that would burst if it’s a future in a Denver Broncos uniform.

Lindsay joined Ronnie K of the Broncos Blitz podcast to discuss his future in the NFL, his memories at Colorado and the excitement that would consume him if he’s drafted by the Broncos.

“It would be a great moment, to play for the Denver Broncos. A place that I’ve always grown up and a team that I’ve always watched. It would be an exciting feeling.”

Lindsay also dished on the field, particularly when it comes to the little details in his game and his willingness to do anything on the football field for a team including a trait most running backs don’t get much attention for. Blocking.

“I love to block. That’s the first thing I learned to do as a running back from a young age,” Lindsay said. “It comes down to being physical, winning your one-on-one battles. Knowing that, I’m going to get my ass kicked or I’m going to kick some ass.”

Many criticize Lindsay for his size as he would traditionally be an undersized back at the next level, but Lindsay says he didn’t start at Colorado for no reason and that he’s willing to do it all for the team. It’s so much more than just a couple inches of height that make you a great player at the next level.

“I didn’t start at the University of Colorado for no reason,” Lindsay said. “I take pride in every part of my game. Being a leader, leading by example…It’s understanding that it’s not about me, it’s about a team. Doing my part.”

“When it’s time for me to block, I need to block my ass off. When it’s time for me to catch the ball, I need to catch the ball for first downs. When it’s time for me to run, I need to run, get touchdowns, get first downs, move the chains.”

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