Colin Kaepernick trade talk has quieted down over the last few weeks, but as John Elway said last Thursday, they’re far from dead; they’re “dormant.”

And this morning San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke acknowledged that those talks could quickly be reawakening.

To this point, negotiations (and concessions) have all been on the 49ers side. Elway and the Broncos have made their offer, they’re not budging, and unless San Francisco or Kaepernick decides to eat a significant chunk of his 2016 salary, a deals not happening.

“It’s never been [dismissed],” Elway said. “Everything is right there. So that’s kind of where it is.”

The fact that the 49ers are saying there’s a chance Kaepernick is traded this week seems to be a sign that they’ve changed their tune; either that or they’ve found another trade partner willing to take on all of Kaepernick’s salary, which is unlikely based on what we’ve heard.

This is just one more sign that the Denver Broncos will walk out of this weekend’s draft with another quarterback on their roster. Whether that’s Kaepernick, Chase Daniel, Sam Bradford or a rookie, we’ll find out.