Carlos Gonzalez reportedly expressed interest in leaving Colorado during a recent meeting with team higher-ups.

Jon Heyman posted on Thursday that Gonzalez “badly wants to win” and has “become frustrated by the difficulties of doing that in Colorado.”

The 30-year-old outfielder has a lot left in the tank. Gonzalez is currently batting .319, and he has a hefty 18 home runs so far.

It is also reported that the Rockies may not be looking to shop just Gonzalez, but Charlie Blackmon as well.  This comes at a crucial time for Colorado, as they are now 38-46, and trailing the wild-card race by a solid eight games. The Rockies could be looking to trade Gonzalez and Blackmon in order to get some younger talent for the future.

Gonzalez recently shot to the top of the trade prospects on the market, and it looks like he may be leaving Colorado any day now.

Gonzalez has won three Gold Gloves in the outfield, and he has also been an All-Star for Colorado three times.