Colin Kaepernick may want out of San Francisco, but in this league, you don’t always get want you want.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the 49ers aren’t moving on from Kaepernick unless they’re “blown away” by a trade offer, and from all reports, that has not been the case. The Browns have already moved on to Robert Griffin III, the Jets have never been truly interested and John Elway isn’t likely to budge from his fourth-round price point.

There were thoughts that San Francisco may cut Kaepernick before his salary became guaranteed on April 3, but that may not even be an option for the 49ers. With Kaepernick’s contract injury-guaranteed, and given that he’s coming off three surgeries, they’d likely have to pay the entirety of his contract anyway; if they argued otherwise, the NFL Players Association would be down their throats in no time.

And it’s clear that the 49ers coaching staff and front office is fully prepared to enter the season with Kaepernick as their quarterback.

It makes sense, too. If there’s one coach in this league that you would envision pairing with Kaepernick, it has to be Chip Kelly. Since his Oregon days, Kelly has centered his offense around a mobile passer, and there may not be one more mobile than Colin Kaepernick.

At this point, if the Broncos want to pry Kaepernick away from the 49ers, either they have to significantly up their offer or Kaepernick will need to force his own way out of San Francisco.