Broncos Country may be just a week removed from their first Super Bowl parade in nearly two decades, but like any good sports city, Denver’s already looking for more.

That starts with free agency.

And with nearly half of their starting roster expected to hit the market in the coming months, John Elway and the Denver Broncos have a lot of work to do, not the least of which is finding a starting quarterback.

The easy option, obviously, is Brock Osweiler — given Peyton Manning retires, of course — but it’s looking as if that’s going to be a harder deal to get done than we may have thought; the quarterback market rarely runs dry.

So, in this doomsday scenario, if Osweiler bolts for more money elsewhere and Manning retires, what do the Broncos do then? We discussed a few options yesterday, but according to Mile High Sports Radio’s own Benjamin Allbright of The Big Show, Denver may already have their eyes set on a certain quarterback:

As Allbright points out, the Broncos are likely looking at every option in this scenario, but it makes at least some sense.

The shine may have worn off Robert Griffin III a long time ago, but it’s not as if he’s talentless. We’ve seen what he can do; it’s just been awhile.

And in reality, though, his numbers aren’t that bad. In fact, they’re pretty darn good.

Of course, that only explains a small percentage of the baggage that comes with RGIII. He’s a diva, a guy who leaves passive-aggressive notes in his locker for the media to find, that brings drama around like Linus does his blanket.

But — and here’s the important caveat — he’s talented.

Like him or not, RGIII showed that he’s capable of succeeding in the NFL during his rookie year — in a Shanahan offense not so much different from this Kubiak offense.

The big question, as we had with Peyton Manning all season, is: How seriously did RGIII’s injuries affect his play? Remember, following his dramatic rookie campaign, RGIII suffered a torn ACL and a badly dislocated ankle in the span of 24 months; that’s nothing to scoff at.

It’s now been over a season since RGIII has made an appearance on the field, and maybe that means something. Maybe RGIII’s otherworldly athleticism can make a reappearance now that he’s healthy for the first time in three years.

Maybe he’s a bust.

At this point, nobody can say for sure, but it’s definitely an interesting topic of conversation.