The New England Patriots are, once again, caught up in a cheating scandal.

What a shocker.

ESPN dropped a bombshell Tuesday morning, alleging an elaborate illegal videotaping scheme that the Patriots carried out from 2000-2007 to steal signals from opponents. Essentially this is SpyGate on steroids.

And what do you know, Peyton Manning’s name as a victim of the Patriots cheating has surfaced in the report. This goes back to his time in Indianapolis with the Colts.

From ESPN:

The cameramen’s assignments differed depending on the opponent. For instance, Walsh told investigators that against Indianapolis he was directed to take close-ups of the Colts’ offensive signals, then of Peyton Manning’s hand signals… Each video sequence would usually include three shots: the down and distance, the signal, and, as an in-house joke, a tight shot of a cheerleader’s top or skirt. The tape was then often edited, sources say, so that Adams’ copy contained only the signals, in rapid fire, one after another.

Of course they took perverted shots of the cheerleaders as well. Of course they did.

The Patriots are the worst.