Von Miller is upset about the franchise tag, and he has a point.

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, Miller, as well as Josh Norman, are extremely frustrated with the league’s franchise tag rules. They believe that they’d be able to command significantly more money on the open market than they’d be receiving with the franchise tag, and they’re absolutely have a point.

Under the franchise tag, Miller will make $14 million in 2016. He, though, is looking to make upwards of $20 million a year, possibly as much as $22 million, and reports are out there that he could get as much as $25 million on the open market. As you can imagine, that’s an extra $6-11 million Von would love to have in his pocket.

Even more important for Miller, Norman and every other NFL player is their team’s stranglehold over players in these sorts of situations. Right now, Miller has no leverage. As we detailed earlier this week, the Broncos could theoretically franchise Miller each of the next three years and never pay him more than the $25 million some believe he could garner on the open market.

And there’s nothing he can do about it.

Sure, he could sit out, but then he’s forfeiting millions of dollars; there’s no “other” option. And for the Broncos, it makes sense. They could save between $15 and $20 million over the next three seasons by foregoing a long-term deal in favor of multiple franchise tags.

Now, is it fair? Miller would say no, but it’s well within the rules. So the next question becomes: Are the rules fair? And that’s the question Miller and the rest of the league’s franchised players are asking.

And if Miller is frustrated now, just wait until he gets franchised a second or third time. The situation which both sides said would be “peaceful” could suddenly become contentious real fast.