Kareem Jackson will be pairing up with Justin Simmons in the Denver Broncos defensive backfield for a fourth straight year.

According to multiple reports, the Broncos have re-signed the veteran, play-making Jackson to a second straight one-year deal.

And while the team is likely working on their own news article, they did drop this tweet:

Caden Sterns, who seemed to be in line to be the starter if Jackson left, was stoked on the signing, too.

His first two years with the Broncos, Jackson made $12 and $11 million each, respectively. But last season, he signed a more team-friendly deal which eventually paid just under $5 million. If George Paton and Denver were able to re-sign Jackson for $5 million, it’d be a huge win.

Partly because Jackson and Simmons have played together the last three years, and their styles compliment one another incredibly well.

Simmons is the ball-hawking safety who has racked up an NFL-high 14 picks over that time span. He’s part safety, part cornerback and part centerfielder back deep, ready to pluck the ball out of the air. And Simmons is an overall solid tackler, too, although he’s missed some arm tackles over the years.

Meanwhile, Jackson is the heat-seeking missile, ready to fly in and tear someone’s head off. He loves to hit and has made many show-stopping plays in his time with the Broncos. Last year, the 12-year professional led the team with 88 combined tackles and he’s been supremely consistent in that department during his tenure with the team. On top of that, Jackson used to be a cornerback and still knows how to cover receivers, too.

Last year, Jackson fell down the rankings on Pro Football Focus, all the way to 84th-best safety and a 52.0 overall grade. Meanwhile, Simmons was 16th at the position, and earned a 74.8 grade. However, in 2020, both were in the top-10 per PFF.

Speaking of those highlight-reel worthy plays, let’s take a look at a few of his best with the Broncos.

Fumble-6 versus Houston

Back in 2019, Jackson returned to Houston to face his former team. And, wow did he put on a show.

His incredible, 70-yard fumble return for a touchdown was the play of the game, but he also had many huge hits against former DeAndre Hopkins, too. More on that in the next bullet point. But first, enjoy this phenomenal play.

And who led the way but his safety mate, Simmons.

Hitting DeAndre Hopkins hard

In that same game, Jackson was all over the field. He totaled 11 tackles, one tackle for a loss, picked off a pass and had that fumble-6. It was probably one of the best games of his career.

And this may have been the biggest hit of them all. As Deshaun Watson scrambled, he found DeAndre Hopkins loose but Jackson hit him as the ball got there for the clean hit that jarred the ball loose.

Forcing a fumble at the goal line

As the Broncos faced the Chargers, Los Angeles drove near the end of the first half, looking to score a touchdown. And with Austin Ekeler taking the ball around the end of the line, there was Jackson to hit him as he dove for the pylon. That play was crucial in the Broncos 20-13 win over LA that day.

Watch it on DenverBroncos.com here.