The 2019-20 season has been a rocky go-around for the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos’ season has had some bright spots; however, a majority of the season has been riddled with tough losses, growing pains and uncertainty about the future of the franchise.

The Broncos’ franchise has struggled since they won Super Bowl 50 in 2015, enduring three consecutive losing seasons with this year’s team on track to extend that streak to four.

This season has been especially disappointing because the Broncos made concerted efforts throughout the offseason to revamp the team to compete for the playoffs.

The hiring of Vic Fangio as head coach led the way of the overhaul of the Broncos’ coaching staff. After hiring Fangio, Denver added Ed Donatell to coach the defense and Rich Scangarello to run the offense.

The transition has been rugged for Fangio and his assistants as the Broncos currently sit with a 3-7 record this season.

Rumors spread around the sports world that there was a disconnect between Fangio and the team, per a report from CBS Sports.

That said, Broncos’ players have been quick to the defense of Fangio, shutting down any and all rumors that there is a fracture in the locker room.

Scangarello is the latest member of the Broncos organization to defend Fangio, saying:

“Farthest thing from the truth,” Scangarello said of the report. “He’s been great, he’s helped me grow as a coach, and I think everyone in this building respects him as a man and his leadership. We know we are going to win a championship under him, and that’s the goal. That’s what we are fighting for.”

While the Broncos are still a ways away from winning a championship, Scangarello’s comments display the confidence the organization has in Fangio.

Scangarello’s offense has been scrutinized this season for the Broncos’ lack of firepower and difficulties scoring points. Denver is averaging just 319.7 total yards and 17.2 points per game this year.

Fangio and his staff are all still becoming acclimated to their roles with the Broncos. Despite the Broncos’ struggles on offense, Fangio is confident in Scangarello’s abilities, and there has been no friction despite the lackluster results.

“No,” Scangarello said of if there’s been friction in his relationship with Fangio. “He’s been—[it’s] our first time working together. There’s always going to be dynamics, but he’s been great, and he’s been supportive. He’s got a defensive perspective, I said it from day one, that just gives you insight that you don’t get anywhere, and I’ve appreciated it.”

The Broncos poached Scangarello from the San Francisco 49ers coaching staff during the offseason. Scagarello was considered an offensive guru in San Francisco and was expected to revolutionize the Broncos offense.

While the results from Scangarello’s offense have been lackluster this season, he is still very confident about what the future holds under the control of Fangio.