It’s that time of year again: Broncos rookie haircut season.

In case you’re new to the show, every year the Broncos round up the new blood, grab a razor and wreck havoc on what was once a perfectly good head of hair. This year, though, the Denver Broncos took things to another level, as creativity was at an all-time high.

Let’s start with the Broncos bringing back the the Tim “Friar Tuck” Tebow cut from 2010.

And then there was the ol’ 50-50 cut.


It gets better with Paxton Lynch, who, well, had something horrible, yet oddly mesmerizing, done to his head.

And how do you top the literal rat tail?

IMG_1655But of all the haircuts, nobody could top rookie punter Riley Dixon, who had sunglasses and a mustache shaved onto the back of the head.

Honestly, it’s not even embarrassing; it’s simply impressive.

It’s great, Riley. Really, really great.