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Rob Brooks did not know what to expect.

With Pikes Peak Racing, he’d experienced speed – plenty of times. But for an entire mile? He’d never really done that before. Finding out how fast his car could go in a straight line was typically discovered over the course of a quarter mile, sometimes a half. Never a full mile. But with the inaugural Colorado Mile race coming to town, he knew his curiosity would soon be satisfied.

He thought his Nissan GT-R could safely reach speeds up to 185 mph, maybe 215 or 220 if everything felt right. When it was all said and done, however, Brooks stepped out of his blazing fast whip as the state and national record holder for top speed in a Nissan GT-R.

246.1 mile per hour.

Just for the sake of comparison, a Boeing 757 takes off at approximately 160. Brooks was flying, but with all four tires gobbling up every inch of The Colorado Mile.

But, as records tend to do, Brooks unexpected feat soon fell. Mark Johnston with Dedicated Motorsports beat it. Johnston, who was competing in the Texas Mile (yes, it’s the same need-for-speed folks who produce both events), pushed his 2010 GT-R V6 Twin Turbo to 255.2 mph.

“We’re going back to beat it,” Brooks says. “We want the record to stay in Colorado.”

Just for fun – and a little added drama – Johnston will be joining him, bringing his car to Colorado over Labor Day Weekend. It will be a race for the record, held on Brooks’ home turf.

“I love the ability to see how long the car can stay at its optimal level,” Brooks says. “This is a really fun event. There’s a huge sense of community.

“It’s a lot of people who share the same love – a love of cars.”

Editor’s Note: Want to see how fast YOU can go? No sweat? Anyone with a car and a license can participate in The Colorado Mile.

Feature Image Credit: Auto Mutt Productions