Little more than a year has passed since Rob Manfred succeeded Bud Selig as the commissioner of Major League Baseball, and Manfred’s domestic violence policy will soon be tested.

Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes, currently awaiting trial for domestic abuse charges stemming from a trip to Hawaii last fall, is awaiting judgement from Manfred and Major League Baseball regarding his status for the upcoming season.

Monday on WhiteleyThomas Harding of joined Gil to discuss Reyes’ current status, and what the team might expect to hear from MLB brass once a decision has been made.

“Major League Baseball has a new domestic violence policy,” said Harding, “and the Reyes case is the first one under this new policy.”

A major facet of the new policy is a restriction of team involvement in each case. As Manfred and the MLB are handling the situation entirely in house, the Rockies can only sit and wait for sanctions to be handed down.

“A new commissioner, a new policy, and the first case,” Harding continued, describing the uniqueness of the situation.

While the MLB expects a decision to be made some time around early March, the Rockies are hoping for some kind of news this week.

“They want to know how they should set their team up for spring training,” added Harding.

Reyes is still awaiting trial, but that may not stop Manfred from issuing Reyes’ punishment before the case has been decided legally.

“Manfred does not have to wait until a trial to make a decision about Reyes’ possible punishment,” said Harding. “There could be a settlement or the charges are dropped, but the commissioner doesn’t have to wait for that.”

While it is still undetermined, Harding expects the punishment for Reyes actions to be significant.

“The expectation is 50 games, roughly a quarter of a season,” said Harding. “Reyes can take it to arbitration in an attempt to reduce or overturn his suspension.”

Manfred and Major League Baseball are undoubtedly looking at all possibilities for properly handling situations of domestic violence, an issue which has recently moved to center stage in professional athletics.

Listen to Harding’s segment with Gil below.

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