The Rockies’ early success has everyone buzzing, but critics are questioning if it’s just a hot start or something that can be sustained for the the full season.

Rockies reporter Alissa Noe joined Nate Lundy and Shawn Drotar of Mornings at 5280’ on AM 1340 | FM 104.7 to discuss whether the Rockies will have what it takes to stay in command of the NL West over the long haul.

“They’ve had a few games where they go off and score a bunch of runs,” Noe recalled. “They’ve been more trying to find it the last couple weeks. They’ve been in a little bit of a slump and now they’re finally getting back to where they were before.”

Noe cited the depth on the Rockies’ roster this year that hasn’t been there in the past. She pointed out that an injury shouldn’t have the same effect on the continuity of play in the same way that it may have derailed recent seasons.

“If somebody like [Gerardo] Parra were going to the DL last year, that would have been detrimental for 10 days. This year it’s more ‘OK, just call somebody up. They’ll be fine,’” Noe explained.

In addition to this roster depth, the Rockies have been able to stay hot at the plate. Noe reminded Nate and Shawn that it seems like a different player is always starting a hot streak to back up a teammate that may be in a slump.

“This year especially I think the Rockies have been doing this thing where a few guys will be in a slump, like Carlos Gonzalez and Trevor Story started out in a slump, but everybody else steps up. Then Mark Reynolds quieted down a little bit and Carlos [Gonzalez] started getting better. It’s like they’re taking turns with who’s hot and who’s not so that it’s consistent throughout,” Noe said

Listen to the rest of Noe’s conversation with Nate and Shawn, including her thoughts on the Rockies’ young pitching staff, in the podcast below.

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