With the exception of a few outlier seasons, the Colorado Rockies have always been Colorado’s most underwhelming sports team. While the Rockies occupy a spot in the toughest division in the National League at present, there is no excuse for being under .500 in 16 of their 23 seasons. There may be good news on the horizon for long-suffering Rockies fans, however.

Thomas Harding, who covers the Rockies for MLB.com, seems to think that Rockies fans and supporters may soon see the light at the end of the tunnel (somewhat).

Harding joined Gil Whiteley on Mile High Sports AM 1340 to talk about the future of the Rockies. “This is the long answer to the question of, ‘What are the Rockies doing?'” Harding says, before answering his own question, “Right now, they are waiting.”

While some fans might argue that they’ve been waiting more than 20 years to have a consistently decent baseball team, Harding says that it appears Rockies management has a plan they are in midst of executing. Currently, the Rockies have an indefinite amount of outfielders within their system that they are looking to trade, but the price is “strict” and “they aren’t getting what they want,” says Harding. Therefore, they’re not able to make adjustments. Harding describes it as a game of chicken; the agents are waiting as are the teams.

But exactly how long will this game of chicken continue? Harding seems to think another few years, “Look at the ‘Tulo’ [Tulowitzki] trade and some of the drafts here. It really looks like you are lining up a starting rotation for about 2017, 18, and 19- when those guys start to mature.”

In the meantime, Harding alludes to taking advantage of the young outfielders and young pitchers that are currently on the team for the upcoming 2016 season. A potential trade with Rockies star outfielder Carlos González could also set the Rockies up for some new prospects opportunities.

Listen to the full discussion between Whiteley and Harding in the podcast below…

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