The Colorado Rockies are getting an upgrade for the 2018 season, and we’re not just talking about the addition of Bryan Shaw and Wade Davis to the bullpen.

Coors Field this year will feature an all-new scoreboard that is more than 2.5 times larger than its predecessor.


Scoreboard rendering courtesy of Colorado Rockies

The club tweeted out a preview and some fun facts about the new scoreboard on Wednesday.

The coolest thing about the new scoreboard? It’s not your typical rectangular display. Sure, it may look somewhat like the old scoreboard at first glance, but the 6.8 million LEDS turn the entire board  into one giant mountain-shaped video display.

The new LED display will still have the purple mountain Rockies logo and clock at the top, but it appears based on the rendering that those are all digital now and will convert to part of the video display.

Scoreboard rendering courtesy of Colorado Rockies

Expect some very cool visuals from the game ops crew this season to take advantage of this slick new design.

The preview pictures don’t show a home for the Rockies’ 2007 National League pennant (previously featured just below the logo/clock) so keep an eye out inside the stadium for the pennant’s new home.

Fans will get their first look at the scoreboard in action at the Rockies’ home opener, Friday, April 6, 2018 against the Atlanta Braves.

Colorado opens the regular season on Thursday, March 29, 2018 against the Diamondbacks. They face Arizona for three games before a rest day on Monday, then travel to San Diego for four games with the Padres.