As the options for cord-cutting continue evolve and expand into the digital sphere, the Colorado Rockies will be on the front edge of that evolution Friday night. Facebook announced Thursday that it will live stream 20 Major League Baseball games this season, beginning with the Colorado Rockies at the Cincinnati Reds on Friday, May 19.

According to Facebook and reported by Business Insider, it will not be an exclusive broadcast specific to Facebook. The Internet giant will redistribute the local broadcast feed from the Reds, with MLB also getting Rockies content and interviews for the Facebook broadcast the Rockies told Mile High Sports.

“Probably the most important single announcement [from the Owners’ Meetings] is we’ve done an agreement with Facebook,” MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said Thursday. “It’s really important for us in terms of experimenting with a new partner in this area. We are really excited about this.”

Fans wishing to stream the game via Facebook can do so at MLB’s official Facebook page,