Sports pundits and fans in Denver have long wondered whether owner Dick Monfort would ever take the leash off his managers and GM’s and let them build a successful Colorado Rockies team. Former pro and current ROOT sports analyst Jeff Huson joined The Afternoon Drive on Mile High Sports Radio to share his belief that Jeff Bridich is finally getting the opportunity to assemble a team of his own making, and that he thinks this team will be successful.

“He [Bridich] definitely has his stamp on this ball club now,” Huson said. “To Dick’s credit, he said, ‘here, it’s your turn, it’s your time to shine,’ and it’s given him that opportunity.”

Historically, the Rockies don’t spend much during the offseason. According to ESPN, the team spent $15 million in the 2014-2015 offseason and $46 million the next year. The Rockies have already spent $89 million this offseason, which puts them in the top five in offseason spending. However, Huson notes that while they have spent a lot, they are spreading out the wealth and allocating their money in a smart way.

“So Jeff has done it, but he hasn’t done it in a reckless way,” he said. “He hasn’t said ‘We’re going to put all this cash into one particular guy, we’re going to spread out a little bit.’ You saw it with Nolan [Arenado] and signing him to a couple year deal where you still have the flexibility to sign him more long term.”

He goes on to give his projection of how many wins the Rockies will have in the 2017 season, and, with the roster that Bridich has built, he believes that the postseason should be the team’s goal.

“I would set it at least 85, if not a little bit higher,” he said. “You have an opportunity, and you have an offense too that has an opportunity to put up some runs and put up some wins. So I look at this year as one of those years where you should be knocking on the door for the playoffs.”

Listen to the full interview with Jeff Huson, including his thought on the Rockies’ new-look bullpen, in the podcast below.

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