Russell Wilson has yet to play a single down for the Denver Broncos.

But, the NFL knows who he is and what he is.

Wilson’s one of the top-10 (if not top-5) quarterbacks in the National Football League. He’s a supremely talented gun-slinger, a franchise QB who has not only an explosive canon for an arm, but escapability too.

And on top of all that physical talent, Wilson’s got the mental down pat as well. He’s an incredible leader, of which the Broncos have not seen since the days of Peyton Manning (2012-15). The proof is in the pudding: Wilson couldn’t wait to get to work with his receivers, tight ends and center, inviting them out to Seattle before buying his multi-million dollar mansion in Cherry Hills.

He reportedly gets to practice at 5:30 or 6 a.m. every morning, grinding through new head coach Nathaniel Hackett’s playbook, learning the ins and outs while also working with teammates to do the same.

And according to some sportsbooks, Wilson’s one of the best bets when it comes to winning the NFL MVP this year.

Superbook Sports has Wilson as the fourth-best odds to win MVP, at +1400 odds:

Only Josh Allen, some guy named Tom Brady and Joe Burrow are ahead of Wilson currently.

On BetMGM, he’s tied with the aforementioned Burrow for fifth-best odds at +1200. And on FanDuel, Wilson is eighth-best with +1400 odds.

If you’re a betting football fan — and a Broncos fan — putting a little coin down on Wilson may be a good idea. (Note: Bet at your own risk.)

And here’s why.

It’s Wilson’s first year with the Broncos, and on top of that, the team is in total transition. As we said earlier, this is Hackett’s first year as a head coach anywhere, and it’ll be the first time these players will be performing in his system. On top of that, the offense is expected to carry the team this season, whereas the defense was the powerhouse for the last eight seasons in the Mile High City.

So, realistically, there will be some bumps in the road in terms of learning the system and executing. If they can overcome that and succeed at a high level, it will surprise even the closest NFL followers, likely earning him some votes.

Continuing, the Broncos haven’t made the playoffs in six years, so making the postseason will go a long way to help prove he’s incredibly valuable to the team. As will a healthy touchdown-to-interception ratio and his case will he further helped if the offense is clearly better than the defense this year.

Of course, a lot can happen during the course of a grueling NFL season. But as we sit here now in May, Wilson’s got a legitimate chance of winning the NFL MVP, which would be the first of his career if he brought it home to Denver.