Russell Wilson’s last couple of seasons with the Seattle Seahawks weren’t quite up to the standard he set early on in his career, largely due to the declining surrounding talent of the roster.

That shouldn’t be a problem in Denver, where both the offense and defense are loaded with talented pieces.

“There were touchdowns all over the field [today],” Wilson said after practice on Monday. “I think with the offensive line up front and the guys that we have and the playmakers at the receiver position and the guys at the tight end position—I think [TE Greg] Dulcich is a really good rookie as well. He gets the game. The energy of what we’re doing is really spectacular. Then you have a world-class running back in [RB] Javonte Williams in the backfield. Obviously, [RB] Melvin Gordon [III] is on our football team, too. He has a knack for the end zone, and he’s had a knack for the end zone since his Wisconsin days when he was a freshman with me. It’s the rest of the guys, too. I’m excited about those guys and what they can do. It’s been great”

Denver’s talented, young receiving corps — who weren’t able to be properly utilized by the Broncos’ recent quarterbacks — have also started to impress Wilson.

“I knew that they were dedicated to the game,” Wilson said. “Their talent is off the charts in Tim Patrick and Courtland [Sutton] and obviously Jerry Jeudy. Those guys are arguably some of the best guys to play this game right now. I think the thing about them that you love and that jumps off is the little things. It’s actually the understanding of the game and how they sit in the front of the room, and they ask questions. They are constantly learning. ‘Hey, if I did this, what would you think about this and that?’ Those kinds of questions, and those level of questions. What I really admire is their work ethic in the weight room. It’s a little thing, but how they get there early and how they are ready to go every day.”

If Denver’s weapons live up to expectation, it will be a tremendously fun year for football in the Mile High City.