Broncos Country couldn’t be more excited to finally find their way out of the quarterback desert, thanks to Russell Wilson’s arrival in the Mile High City.

Wilson, a future Hall-of-Fame quarterback should not only make the Broncos much more competitive, but he should also make them infinitely more fun to watch than the disastrous quarterbacking performances of the last three years.

Denver was so starved for enjoyable quarterback play that they labeled Drew Lock as ‘fun’ in comparison to what they were used to.

They won’t have to fool themselves with Wilson.

“It’s one of those things, you hear about it, but until it’s actually done is when you’re actually going to kind of believe in it,” Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett said with the giddiness of a schoolboy when asked about his reaction to the Wilson trade. “But when his name was brought up, we’ve gone against each other a bunch of times, and the fact is when you’re going against Russell Wilson, the game’s never over. I think we had one game, we were talking about, I think there was a touchdown then the next play was another touchdown, another play was another touchdown, and it went back and forth. He’s electric. Whenever his name is mentioned to anybody across this league, it puts fear into people. So now, to have the opportunity to be able to work with him and be with him and support him, it makes everybody excited. It makes me excited. It makes the players excited. This is unbelievable. Yeah, it’s true excitement to be able to work with a guy like this, a guy that has won a Super Bowl, a guy that has been so unbelievably successful.”

Wilson mentioned how thrilled he was to see a kindred spirit in a coach like Hackett.

“I was excited because I saw the same philosophy,” Wilson said. “The philosophy is winning. Winning is everything.”

Those themes of victory and excitement were present throughout Wilson’s introductory presser, but creating exciting, successful offensive football isn’t easy. It requires an incredible amount of hard work. As a result, Wilson demands a high standard of work from those around him, so that he and his team can achieve excellence.

“Guys got to be really on their stuff every day in practice,” Wilson said. “It starts with the meetings. It starts with the offseason. It starts with the weight room. Will you show up on time and be ready to do this, ready to do that? There’s little things like that, and that’s a really critical part to it. I think that wild obsession with doing the little things right, it allows you to have the big things and the big moments as well. I think ultimately, it’s about the tempo of practice. I really believe when fans, when people come to see us practice, they need to see a show. It’s a show. So that way when you go to the game, it’s already what you already know. So I think that ability to go from practice at the highest level, competing at the highest level with our defense, our offense, our special teams. How we go about it, how we communicate, how we process, how we pass it down the line, all that kind of stuff in terms of communication is really critical. So, I think how you really become great is the everyday little steps. The little steps become the big ones and that’s how you’re able to win often.”

One can certainly assume the Broncos’ lawn will be packed with fans dying to catch a glimpse of those practices, once training camp starts.