The Denver Broncos offense has been one of the most miserable units in the entire sport all season long, and Russell Wilson has been one of, if not the greatest contributing factor to that problem.

Fortunately, Broncos Country got to see him at least take some semblance of responsibility, on Wednesday, for his poor play this season.

First of all, I have to play better,” Wilson told the media on Wednesday. “It starts with me. I have to find ways to make some more plays out there for us—more touchdowns. It’s something that you continue to work for every day. You focus on the little things—the fundamentals, the little things of the game. I’ve been down before; it doesn’t mean that we can’t come out on the other end of it all. What it takes is it takes a lot of work ethic, and it takes a lot of appreciation to continue to give everything you have every day. That’s not going to change, no matter our record was. I think we have a lot of football left, a lot of football left, a lot of football left. We have to play at the highest level, and we have to play at the highest level each day in practice. What that does, is it translates to the game. We have a great rivalry, obviously. [An] AFC match up against the Raiders. [There’s] a lot of history there. We have to make sure that we step up to the plate and play our best football.”

While it’s great to hear that acknowledgement, it’d be impossible to blame anyone for not buying into Russell Wilson’s lip service.

It feels like every Wednesday presser since the start of the season has followed the same script more or less, and yet nothing changed all those other times.

According to Football Outsiders, no NFL offense has been more consistent than Denver’s. It’s been the same offense week-in and week-out more than any other team in football.

The problem? The last thing the Broncos want on offense is stagnation, considering they’re one of the worst offenses in football. They need some change, and they need it desperately.

Can Russell Wilson finally provide that change this week?