Russell Wilson showed exactly why the Denver Broncos were a part of one of the biggest trades the NFL has ever seen. The addition of Wilson changes the landscape of the league and his first press conference was a perfect example of why.

Almost 10 years to the day Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning was introduced in Denver, Wilson met the media for the first time as the Broncos’ starting quarterback.

“This is a historic day for the Denver Broncos and all of our fans out there in Broncos Country.” George Paton stated as he opened Wednesday’s press conference. “We’re thrilled to welcome quarterback Russell Wilson—a nine-time Pro Bowler, a Super Bowl Champion, a Walter Payton Man of the Year—to the Denver Broncos.”

The gravity of the announcement could be felt across any media where fans caught Paton’s words.

Wilson’s achievements are in line with Manning before he landed in Denver. He is a perennial Pro Bowler with a Lombardi Trophy to boot. Wilson is the definition of a winner. The former third-round pick has won more games in his first 10 seasons than any other player in NFL history (104), except Manning (105).

Wilson came to Denver to build on his legacy and add to a future Hall of Fame track. He expects to win, and win often.

“My goal is to play 10 or 12 more years and hopefully win three or four more Super Bowls,” Wilson stated on what legacy he wants to leave with the Broncos and how many years he wants to continue playing. “That’s why I came here, to hopefully be able to finish my career here and to finish on top as a champion and do it multiple times.”

The Broncos have not been able to call themselves a winner since 2016, but Wilson saw something more.

“I’m super excited about winning,” Wilson proclaimed. “I came here for one reason and that’s to win. That’s what I believe in. Every day what you’re going to get from me is that mentality.”

Wilson’s confidence was palatable and replicated the presence Manning brought to the same stage a decade ago. Like Manning in 2012, Wilson’s presence raises all boats.

Before choosing to exercise his no-trade clause, Wilson evaluated the Broncos roster and plan moving forward. Wilson’s commitment to winning was on full display when he admitted to scouting the Broncos while on vacation. Wilson reported that he had watched all 20 Broncos games – including all 17 regular season and three preseason contests – in 2021. What was shocking was his ability to recall plays made by each of his new teammates. He named a large majority of his new teammates and specific plays off the top of his head.

“I think watching the wideouts and to see these guys, to see Tim Patrick attack the football against the Cowboys,” said Wilson. “To see Courtland Sutton dive for a go-ball against the Steelers. To see Hamler battle through all of the things he’s been battling with and to know he wants to still get work even though he’s been dinged up and he’s getting back.”

Wilson’s energy meshed well with new head coach Nathaniel Hackett. Hackett’s overtly energetic personality and lack of experience created questions about how he would be perceived in a leadership role. Those questions were magnified now that he is working with someone of Wilson’s caliber. However, the desire to win seems to be guiding the Broncos’ ship.

“In the end, it’s about competing at the highest level at all times,” said Hackett when asked what the goals of the Broncos are this season. “We want to win just like Russell said.”

The Broncos needed an alpha at the most important position in professional sports. Preparing to face the gauntlet in the AFC West, Wilson is ready for the challenge.

He also said, “I want to play against the best. Why should I fear anything?”

Wilson is here to compete to play in the Super Bowl. In the end, his focus on achieving the ultimate goal is exactly what the Broncos needed.

“We’re here for one thing and that’s to win,” Wilson emphasized. “That’s to win at the highest level often and I’m excited about the journey. Broncos Country, let’s ride.”