For Denver Broncos’ fans, cornerback Will Parks’ exhilarating PAT block-and-score to eventually beat the New Orleans Saints was potentially last season’s best moment. On the other hand, dealing with a loss like that is never easy for a head coach. Saints head coach Sean Payton joined Sean Walsh of Mile High Sports Radio to discuss the controversial game.

Although it was a brutal way to lose, Payton didn’t want to take credit away from Parks for making a great play. It wasn’t the only time it happened to them last season, but was definitely the hardest to accept.

“Man, first off it was a great play by Will,” said Payton. “I think teams throughout the year had gotten pretty good in looking at that desperate, that last chance, to possibly block a kick, and it happened to us twice, but the way it happened in the Denver game was tough.” 

PAT’s are one aspect of football that have always been thought of as a given. After this occurrence, Payton feels team’s will have to focus more attention on the matter.

“It really forces you to look closely at your cadence on your field goal and PAT’s. It’s gonna be, I think, something discussed as a rule change possibly.” said Payton, “I don’t have a strong opinion as to whether it should or shouldn’t be changed, I think it’s more of a player safety question, but it was a great play by him.”

Despite being a good sport about the outcome, Payton and the Saints still had a hard time getting over the tough defeat. The Saints went 3-4 following the loss and failed to make the playoffs. 

“It was a hard loss for us to recover from.”

Listen to the whole interview with Sean Payton, including his thoughts on trading wide receiver Brandin Cooks, in the podcast below.

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