Are you Broncos camp fatigued?

Does watching the same thing over and over again have you longing for something more?

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Ninerzia is proven to fight common symptoms of Broncos camp fatigue like: No longer wanting to watch quarterbacks make the same simple throw rep after rep; defenders not being able to tackle running backs in space; and mundane soundbites after another boring practice.

Common side effects of Ninerzia include actually learning something about the Broncos, potential for an awesome camp brawl and the overwhelming urge to name a Week 1 starting quarterback.

Talk to your doctor today if Broncos training camp has you feeling down. Ninerzia could be the boost you need to make it through two more camp practices.

“Last year a healthy dose of Ninerzia powered me through the rest of training camp and I felt relieved to have an actual real football practice to discuss!” – Mile High Sports’ Josh Pennock*

*Pennock probably didn’t say this and instead snacked on a spinach wrap with lettuce


The San Francisco 49ers will be here Wednesday and Thursday – and maybe they’ll bring a magic pill with them.

Praise the football gods.

The Broncos had their shortest practice of camp on Tuesday, wrapping up before 11 a.m. and never donning pads. For any fan who attended, it was a bit of a shame as the team did nothing more than a glorified walkthrough.

“We had a good practice yesterday in pads. It was pretty light and quick today because we are going to be in pads a couple days against San Francisco. It was good,” Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak said after practice Tuesday.

It’s tough to blame Kubes for the lack of activity.

First of all, the Broncos suffered a horrible injury on Monday. The news defensive lineman Vance Walker was lost for the year with a torn ACL was devastating. It’s easy to see why there was no reason to risk something similar the very next day.

Second, the fight. It wasn’t just two no-names dude scrapping on Monday, it was two full-fledged stars in cornerback Chris Harris Jr. and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. A cool-off day to get emotions in check wasn’t a bad idea.

Finally, here comes Chip Kelly and the Niners; they’ve got a healthy dose of Ninerzia packed in their pill bottles.

There was no reason to have an intense Tuesday practice when the two following days have the potential to bring some fireworks. Joint training camp practices almost always provide sparks.

But here’s the real reason you should be paying attention Wednesday and Thursday: It’s the most important 48-hour stretch this entire preseason. Depending on what happens Wednesday and Thursday, Kubiak and his staff might be ready to name a starting QB. Not just for Saturday in the preseason snoozer against the 49ers, but for Sept. 8 against Carolina.

When Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian both got a quarter against the Bears in preseason game No. 1 we didn’t learn much. When both play a quarter and half or so this coming weekend, it’s unlikely some earth-shattering development will materialize either.

These next two camp sessions, though, are the real deal.

The Broncos and 49ers will have a couple hours each day to go at it. Which means Sanchez and Siemian will face what’s close to a live defense for far more time each of the next couple of practices than they will in either of the first two preseason games.

And you better believe Kubiak knows that and will keep a close eye on both quarterbacks.

There will be things learned about the Broncos outside of the QB position, too.

There will be the potential for an awesome training camp brawl – like 100-plus guys going at it.

There will be some soundbites you’re not going to want to miss on local sport talk radio.

Most importantly, this could be the stretch that determines the Broncos’ Week 1 starting QB.

Ninerzia could really do the trick.

Pop your first dose.