It may end up being his most famous quote as Denver Broncos general manager.

We just don’t know it yet.

On March 20, 2012 when John Elway said at Peyton Manning’s introductory press conference, “We don’t have a Plan B. We’re going with Plan A!”, many assumed it would be the most-read quote of his tenure.

No matter how long it went.

And it has been thus far.

But that may have all changed on Monday, more than five years later, when Elway met with the media at the UC Health Training Center and uttered something shocking.

For now, it will be dismissed as a funny quip by the Broncos’ head decision-maker. That could change in about eight months, or whenever Denver’s season ends.

Elway’s deal is up after the 2017 season. For now, there’s no extension in sight.

When No. 7 was asked just two days ago what the Broncos’ biggest need was, he shrugged the question off.

“We need a new GM. Other than that, we’re pretty good,” Elway said, while drawing a typical Dove Valley laugh.

The problem: What if the biggest legend in this city’s history wasn’t joking?

Was he, honestly, just avoiding a ‘tough’ question – or was he sending a message to Joe Ellis and the Broncos brass upstairs?

Let’s call it like it is: It’s absolutely absurd Elway hasn’t been handed a contract extension for however much he wants and however long he wants.

His front-office résumé is one of the best in the NFL – his team has played in two of the last four Super Bowls and is a perennial championship contender.

For what it’s worth, Ellis insists something will get done. But, as the clock ticks, he isn’t exactly showing many signs of urgency. It feels like Elway has noticed.

Rather than hunker down in his office the weekend before the NFL Draft, the Hall of Fame QB and his family took the private jet to California for a weekend of golf, the beach and their now infamous wiener dogs. It’s a pretty safe bet Bill Belichick and the Patriots’ staff were hard at work.

And for all his success in free agency, Elway hasn’t been a particularly good drafter, especially in the second and third rounds. Working mere days before the draft seems like a better use of his time than hanging by the ocean, but he’s JFE and can do what he wants.

Two very important questions arise out of this bizarre chain of events.

First, does Elway want to be back with the Broncos?

Just 15 months ago he secured his (and the franchise’s) third Super Bowl ring – it’s hard to achieve much more success than that. The incentive to return and do this for the next decade doesn’t exactly seem high. Maybe hanging out on the sand and relaxing is a more appealing option the next 35 years.

Second, and this is the crazy one, do the Broncos want Elway back? Is he demanding too much money and power? Does he want an ownership stake with the future of the Bowlen family and the Broncos unclear? Is simply being GM not enough?

We’ll get answers between now and next December, January and February, as in whenever the Broncos’ 2017 campaign comes to a close. For now, though, Elway seems to be coasting along.

He hasn’t exactly made a big, Elway-esque splash since singing Aqib Talib, T.J. Ward and DeMarcus Ware in the spring of 2014. This offseason marked the third straight where his free agency class was relatively underwhelming.

Elway missed on Tony Romo – whether either party will admit it or not – and you have to wonder if privately the ego is bruised. It’ll never be admitted, but No. 7’s stature may have been damaged by Romo picking broadcasting over the Broncos.

Is there a chance Elway looks for another job should his contract in Denver run out? Possibly… It’s not like the competitive candle just burns out overnight. With how much he likes Southern California, the Los Angeles Rams seem like a logical fit.

The worst part is all of this can be avoided so easily.

To the entire organization: Give the man what he wants. Whether those demands be monetary, power or even an ownership percentage. This is John Freakin’ Elway – wake up!

For now, the Plan B quote remains the signature one from Elway, but if he’s gone in eight months, the Broncos may very well need a new GM.

Remember this moment.