The Denver Broncos may have a new coach, but general manager George Paton is here to stay.

When the Denver Broncos’ coaching search began, new CEO Greg Penner made it crystal-clear that the hiring decision would be his, rather than Paton’s. Following his disastrous hire of Nathaniel Hackett, rumors swirled that the hiring of Sean Payton as the head coach might mean a death sentence to Paton’s tenure with the Broncos. However, in Monday’s presser, all three men hammered home that there was no truth to those reports.

Penner made the opening statement and thanked Paton for his behind-the-scenes work throughout the entire development; offering his gratitude for Paton’s help in guiding him through such an unfamiliar process. The former chairman of Walmart admitted it was “very different” than his previous experience selecting an executive in the Walmart world.

In all 15 of his seasons with the New Orleans Saints, Payton previously worked alongside Mickey Loomis, and the Broncos’ new head coach illustrated the similarities between the two general managers.

“I feel like I’ve got good instincts, and I feel like there’s a demeanor with him that reminds me of Mickey in a good way. [He is] very steady. I’ve always respected the teams that he’s been a part of,” Payton said before explaining that their partnership has “worked extremely well so far.”

Paton called the interview process with Payton “easy,” adding that “I felt that throughout the interview, we were aligned on how we want to build this: like-minded.”

Aware of the gossip, Payton said, “I think there’s this myth that I’m, like, this tyrant that comes into the building and has to control everything,” confirming Paton’s characterization of their relationship. “I really enjoy his company.”

It was Paton, not Penner, who negotiated with Loomis to make sure Payton landed in Denver in a trade that the Broncos felt was worthwhile. With that trade now officially official, both men report directly to Penner.

Paton acknowledged he knows that they’re currently in a “honeymoon period.” However, he also highlighted their “similar philosophies and visions of how to build this team” as reasons they’ll flourish. With free agency and the draft right around the corner, Broncos Country will soon get to see how these new dynamics will come to fruition.