Each of the Denver Broncos’ last two draft classes was heralded for ushering in a large amount of talent throughout the roster.

We’re now seeing the fruits of that talent infusion play out in front of us at training camp as multiple second-year players or rookies are becoming the stars of practice nearly every day.

One of those top second-year players, has been Jerry Jeudy.

“I just think it’s all of it,” Fangio noted when asked what improvements he noticed between the former Alabama product’s first and second seasons. “He had the 15th game last year where he had some drops. I thought the 16th game was going to be critical for him. I told you guys that, I told him that. He came back and had a really good game in the last game. He’s carried that over to the offseason. Now you add in the intangibles, the things you can’t quantify—having an offseason, having a second year in the same system, going through OTAs and minicamp, all the meetings he’s been through, throwing with guys, being able to do things in person. You put that in there with his natural maturation level and the one he experienced between Week [16] and [17] last year, and this what you get.”

There have likely been more days of practice where Jeudy has the offense’s play of the day, than there have been days where that award goes to a different offensive player. Or at the very least, it feels that way thanks to the constant impact Jeudy has made.

Today, the other star was second-year interior rusher, McTelvin Agim.

“[Agim] is having a great camp. A lot of people think rookie linemen, defensive linemen, [are] supposed to come in and make an impact. It’s not that easy,” DeShawn Williams said of his less-experienced teammate. “You’re going against grown men. The speed changes, the strength changes, and he’s got that year under his belt and now you see everybody’s been bringing his name up. Man, he’s out there having a great camp, and I can’t wait to see him when we go against Minnesota to put it all together. He bust his tail this offseason, and it’s showing.”

If Jeudy can take the leap from solid contributor to star receiver, and Agim can become a serious playmaker on the defensive line, it only raises the ceiling for this Broncos squad.