With DeMarcus Ware out for the next four to six weeks after surgery to repair a broken forearm, Shane Ray has become the replacement. After the showcase Ray put on against the Bengals, he is playing more like a starter than a replacement.

Ray almost matched his sack total from last year (4) in one game against the Bengals, finishing with three sacks and three other solo tackles. After the game he made it clear that he didn’t know what numbers he would put up but he was confident in what he could do.

“I can’t predict sacks, but I never put a limit on myself,” Ray told Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of Afternoon Drive on AM 1340 | FM 104.7. “Everyone was saying, ‘D-Ware is down, what is Shane going to do? Is he going to step up?’ For me, I’m very confident. The preparation that I do and how I have been playing since the offseason. I just knew my team could depend on me. I went out there and did what I have been saying I could do. I just have the opportunity now.”

One thing Ray never slacks on is his ability to give 110 percent. With the opportunity that was given to him, he wanted to give the Broncos one thing.

“A lot of good effort,” Ray said. “My job is to set the edge, rush the passer, drop into coverage from time to time and give a lot of effort. I think a lot of my tackles were me coming free and chasing a guy down on the other side of the field. Things that if you were just chilling, sitting back, you wouldn’t have made those plays. My second sack was really an effort play. My first move didn’t work, the quarterback stepped up, I tried to jump in, then I jumped back out, then I came around and then I was able to make the play. That’s kind of what I was known for in college, my motor. Just keep going and going and going. It’s just me being me.”

The Broncos head to Tamp Bay in Week 4 to take on the Buccaneers who are a very pass-heavy offense. Jameis Winston attempted 58 passes in the loss to the L.A. Rams, and Ray feels like Tampa Bay’s offense will choose a different approach against this Denver defense.

“If they’re going to lineup and give Jameis that many throws, I think it’s not a secret with all the rushers we have across the board, it’s a big advantage for us,” Ray said. “I don’t think they will do that. They are going to try and come out and run the ball. When he does pass, I think he is going to pass quick.”

To catch the whole interview with Shane Ray, including his thoughts on TJ Ward trying to take partial credit for one of his sacks, click the podcast below…


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