On Sunday the Denver Broncos received their Super Bowl rings for their victory over the Carolina Panthers, but that was not the only action going on thanks to former Bronco Shannon Sharpe.

Sharpe has been very vocal lately about the Broncos inability to sign Miller. At one point on Sunday he even walked around the ceremony with a collections plate to gather money to help the Broncos pay for Miller’s contract.

Sharpe talked to 9News the morning after the ring ceremony from his home in Atlanta about his feelings toward the Broncos front office, and how he is confused that they have not been able to reach a deal with Miller.

“It’s disappointing because you look at everybody from his (2011) draft class that’s been very good to great players have been signed,” Sharpe said. “And there’s been no holdup.”

That class included players like Cam Newton, J.J. Watt and Julio Jones, who have all received long-term contracts from their respective teams.

“Von has done everything they’ve asked him to do,” Sharpe said. “They said, ‘Von, clean up your act.’ He cleaned up his act. They said Von you can’t get in any more trouble. He hasn’t got into any more trouble. He’s a four-time Pro Bowler, Defensive Rookie of the Year, Super Bowl MVP. I don’t know what else he can do.”

Many teams in the NFL would love to have a player like Miller, and Sharpe is worried if the Broncos don’t act soon, another team could make an offer Miller can’t refuse. Sharpe has always spoken highly of John Elway and the way he handles the Broncos as a business, but Sharpe thinks Elway needs to treat Miller the same way.

“You know what the going rate is. I understand where John is coming from. He’s not thinking like a player any more. He’s thinking like an executive. That’s why he’s been so successful at this. He’s taken the emotion out of it of being a player. That’s why he was successful in the car dealerships. That’s why the Broncos have enjoyed so much success. For the most part, when he’s done something he’s been very successful at it. Because he’s able to take the emotion out of it. I understand he’s looking out for the best interest of the Denver Broncos. But he must understand Von Miller is a business, also. He’s looking out for the best interest of Von Miller.’’

We’ll see if Elway listens.