As many of you may know by now (or maybe your reading this for the first time), Florida State University linebacker Reggie Northrup has signed with Lil Wayne’s agency, Young Money Sports.

Now before we start freaking out, Young Money Sports is only handling Reggie’s marketing and branding. But why would Reggie sign to an agency that doesn’t have any experience in sports? Reggie Northrup lead Florida State in tackles for the second straight year in 2015 and ranked 12th in the ACC for tackles. So why would he sign with a rapper whose sports experience extends only as far as his skateboarding?

Reggie told the Tallahassee Democrat that, “He (Lil Wayne) wanted to start something up, and get involved in the sports world. He’s a big fan of sports. He liked my game, and they wanted to do something with me.”

There is a big difference between having a friend that handles your marketing, compared to hiring a professional. The Press Box Insider guys mentioned that they wouldn’t even sign their dad to be a part of their agency, let alone be their manager.

But before we say that people in the music industry should stay in their own lane, how about we give them a chance?

For instance, Jay-Z started his own sports management company named RocNation Sports. The company has excelled after their first signing, Robinson Cano, in 2013. The company did not stop at baseball, expanding to other sports such as football and basketball. Jay-Z has successfully signed many well known players, such as the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant and even Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant.

So if Jay-Z’s company can succeed in the sports representation world, why can’t Lil Wayne and Young Money Sports?

And who knows? Maybe Lil Wayne might end up representing a Denver Bronco one day. I’m not sure if there would be anything more entertaining than watching Lil Wayne and John Elway sitting in a room together trying to work out a deal.

For more debate on Reggie Northrup’s signing, listen to the Press Box Insider podcast below..

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