The Denver Bronco defense is fully aware of the major challenge that approaches in the man many call “Beastmode,” who seemingly continues to beat the test of time on the football field.

At 32, Marshawn Lynch continues to barrel through weak tackles and run over defenders like they’re weeds in a yard. To bottle up and contain Lynch? Simple says the Broncos defense. Do your job.

“You’ve got to be gap sound. He does a great job at finding the open holes, but more importantly, his biggest asset is his yards after contact,” Simmons told Ronnie Kohrt of Mile High Sports.

“First guy in, you’ve got to know he’s probably going to drag you a bit. Just hold on until reinforcements get there. That’s what we’ve been working all week is flying to the football so we’ll be able to get him down.”

Simmons isn’t the only one preaching sound technique in gap coverages. Linebacker Todd Davis also describes that if you do the little things like sticking to the game plan by playing fundamentally sound football, the big thing takes care of itself.

“You gang tackle…One man has him, everyone has to help get him down,” Davis said Friday pointing out what made Los Angeles — the Raiders Week 1 opponent — so successful in containing Lynch.

“They were assignment sound. When you’re in your gap, stay in your gap and make your play. You get in trouble when you start jumping out of gaps and trying to make other plays.”

Denver actually has been relatively successful against Lynch in their meetings. Lynch in five games averages just 3.2 yards per attempt against Denver. That stands as the fourth lowest YPA number for Lynch against an individual team in his career.

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