As the season winds down, the MVP race heats up — and Rockies shortstop Trevor Story has put himself into the thick of it with record-setting home runs, top-notch defensive plays and a home-road split that defies Coors Field’s critics.

Host Shawn Drotar (Host, “Mornings at 5280′“) and guest Doug Ottewill (Editor-in-Chief, Mile High Sports Magazine) wonder if Story has been even more valuable than Nolan Arenado, the Rockies’ peerless third baseman, over the course of the season. As crazy as that sounds on the surface, a deeper look at the numbers shows that it’s closer than one might think.

If the Rockies can win the NL West — and if critics would consider removing the Coors Field penalty from every Rockies hitter, ever — could their quickly maturing shortstop go from curiosity to MVP in only one season?

Shawn and Doug discuss all of these topics and more in this episode of the “Blake Street Irregulars”!

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