Last week’s “Studs and Duds” was marked by the stark difference between the first and second half efforts put on by the Denver Broncos in Pittsburgh. Denver blew a 14-point lead in Steel City, their second consecutive second-half collapse.

It would be easy to say that Denver flipped the script on Monday night against the Bengals, nearly collapsing in the first half but coming up off the mat for a miraculous late-round victory. That would only be half-true.

Yes, Denver overcame a 14-point deficit (11 points at half), and yes they looked somewhat uninspired in the first quarter. But that would discount the fact that they were facing a team that entered the game as the second-best in the AFC (even with a backup in at quarterback).

Denver’s own backup hasn’t been sold short, and neither should A.J. McCarron (save for that final snap). The Denver Broncos beat a very good Cincinnati Bengals team, overcoming some poor play and getting some clutch contributions. The final Monday Night Football game of the 2015 season proved to be a combination of skill and strength, the perfect formula for a straightforward “Studs and Duds.”