Super agent Leigh Steinberg talks up his client Paxton Lynch

Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Ben Roethlisberger, Paxton Lynch.

What do all of these quarterbacks have in common?  Well, while only three have Super Bowl rings, all four were/are represented by super agent Leigh Steinberg.  On Friday, Steinberg joined Gil Whiteley,  Arran Anderson and Whiskey Kate on Mile High Sports Radio to discuss his thoughts on his Lynch’s first season.

“He got learning experience in the couple of games he started,” explained Steinberg. “He happened to be up against very tough defenses. What he didn’t get was the chance to come in after one of those starts and start the next week.”

Lynch spent most of the season entrenched behind Trevor Siemian.  Though both he and his agent undoubtedly would have liked to see the field more, Steinberg is not concerned about his clinets lack of playing time.

“If you go back historically and you take a look at some of the better quarterbacks in the league, if you take people like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, they didn’t start for several years and yet they went on these long runs,” he said. “Carson Palmer, Phillip Rivers, they didn’t start for a couple of years. So this is a pattern that other quarterbacks have gone through. Eventually, when the time is right and he [Lynch] does step into the starting role, he’ll be that much better for it.”

Steinberg believes his client has a bright future in the league. Someday soon, Lynch will be handed the keys to the Denver Broncos offense. When that happens, he’ll be ready.

“We’re comfortable that John Elway and the team has a plan for him. He’s going to be a great starting quarterback.”

Listen to the full interview with Leigh Steinberg, including how he pitches potential clients, in the podcast below…

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